Sandra Kinnaird

CFO, Director of Finance

Sandra Smith Kinnaird received her Bachelor of Applied Science degree from the University of Central Florida in Business Administration and Management with a minor in Legal Studies and an AS in Accounting.  

Sandra has 20 years of accounting and finance experience. Her career began at the enterprise level for Fortune 500 companies in the engineering, insurance, and pharmaceutical industries, but her entrepreneurial spirit led her out of the big corporate world and into startup ventures.  

Over the span of Sandra’s career, she has taken the initiative to acquire knowledge about the operations of any industry she has worked in. Sandra moved from New York to the Space Coast over 15 years ago and was thrilled to take on the challenge of learning more about engineering. She developed and managed a training program for safety-critical avionic standards in this industry. Sandra’s auditing background enabled her to assist in achieving AS9100 certification and the certification of a Boeing 747.  

Eventually, Sandra transitioned into government accounting and achieved DCCA certification. Sandra then became the Finance Director for a rapidly growing engineering firm and successfully transitioned that firm through an acquisition process that resulted in over 500% growth. Sandra strives to understand operations as she believes it will make her more successful in her current role as Finance Director for HEKA.