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Safety-Critical Design

Where fail-safe technology is etched in our DNA

HEKA’s expert Certified Electronic technicians have a solid background with years of collective experience in the field. This ensures full compliance with regulatory audits including Stages of Involvement (SOI) #1-4. Our focus is centered on system design alignment to deliver the first article while following the mandated process. Even more, we collaborate to implement cost-reducing strategies that prevent snowballing costs from errors identified later in the engineering process - saving our customers valuable time and money.

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Robotics & Unmanned Systems

Data collection and Action on Data

HEKA first established itself in the US Armed Forces by developing advanced technology for their robotics and unmanned systems. These beginning efforts were ultimately extended to support Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations as well as Research and Development for the US Army and SOCOM. With the growth of our technology came greater traction towards expansion to Maritime and Land-based projects for unmanned and robotics systems. Today, our technology and engineering focus allows our customers to achieve these functions much quicker and in a more cost-effective manner.

Learn more about why HEKAs Technology, robotics, and unmanned systems is the right choice for your next project.

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Explore HEKA’s avionics and safety-critical control systems


The Radical Departure from Traditional Air Transport System

Heka’s eVTOL work evolved from our expertise in Manned aircraft combined with our expertise in electric unmanned aircraft that are usually remotely piloted. To our clients’ advantage, Heka’s diverse team of engineers is composed of expert licensed pilots who bring a unique perspective as both engineers and operators.

Urban Taxi Remake 4-1

New Designs:


Flight Controls




Health & Management systems


Sense & Avoid Systems


Transcending Everyday Technology

This extension to the Control & Command framework is paramount to full situational awareness, with integrated data from tech, personnel, automation, and more.
We build full-scale solutions to allow remote sensing and data ingestion for sensory fusion with a world view of actionable intelligence. Our Electronics & Software technologies enable platforms and vehicles to meet their mission and objectives with efficiency. HEKA is at the forefront of our ever-evolving world of technology. Our unique positioning allows us to consistently bring our customers the latest in leading technology.

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“Our team collaborates with customers to decipher issues of “Build versus Buy” for new systems and subsystems to be integrated into existing platforms - all in a cost-effective manner .”


Processing Data to Yield Actionable Intelligence

Through our three main verticals, Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial, our technologies and engineering support the collection of that data, which is then inputted into the systems we develop, from water content in Jet fuel to the friction measured on a train’s wheels. This data is collected, pruned, sorted, stored, and analyzed. The value of the derived intelligence depends on data integrity, availability, and resolution - high-quality sensors and sensing enable high-quality data. Sensing includes the creation, engineering, adoption, and integration of sensors and their subsystems into the system.

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Key Sensing Technologies and Work:










Object Detection


Radiofrequency (RF)


Electro-Optic/Infrared (EO/IR)




When Data Collection is Just Not Enough

Data must be sorted, filtered, analyzed, and correlated so it can contribute to operational and strategic actions. HEKA’s analysis work includes intelligent archival, classification, and statistical data analysis to find correlations and predictions. Our work consists of the design and deployment of Neural Models to solve complex data analysis problems:

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Partial Least Square Regression


Linear Systems of Equation


Principal Component Analysis


Supervised Learning with Predictions


Unsupervised Learning

“With HEKA’s comprehensive toolset, your data is analyzed for confident decision-making that leads to high-level actions, whether autonomous or manual.”

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