Highlighted Projects

Heka Aero

 HEKA Works's sister company,  HEKA Aero, specializes in avionics and electric aircraft systems.  More information can be found here at www.heka.aero

Electronics Engineering

HEKA provides custom design and layout of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) that are tightly coupled and integrated with software development.  We frequently work with cutting edge System On Module (SOMs) that incorporate high speed / high through PLDs/FPGAs with embedded processors. 

Software Development

From Requirements, through Design, Development and Verification and Validation, HEKA follows a process driven model to develop software that is both high quality and on target with our customer's need and expectations.

Mechanical Engineering & Additive Manufacturing

HEKA's mechanical engineers support a multitude of CAD programs and specialize in getting models turned working prototypes  in hours.  Our team armed with our in-house 3-D printing technology can put prototypes or even production, composite parts in your hands within days.

Turn Key Prototyping

With just a concept, HEKA can work with you to define customers, milestones and budget to build a functioning working prototype of your technology idea.  We emphasize Agile product development across the engineering disciplines so that our customers can literately watch their ideas become reality over t week intervals.