Command/Control and Unmanned Systems

HEKA’s intelligent command and control systems are challenging the status quo and out-pacing the archaic engineering of the past. HEKA’s most recent controller was designed for an autonomous marine vehicle that will be used by the US Navy for coastal missions. This controller is able to remotely manipulate the speed and direction of the craft all from a safe and dry location. HEKA’s project HALO is another great example of what we’re capable of. The HALO system is a VTOL UAV that can be remotely controlled by a pilot from a safe ground location. HEKA’s expertise in avionics and safety-critical control systems is a clear advantage over competitors and another reason our team continues to deliver excellence.

Heka Near IR

Sensors and Surveillance

Sensor and surveillance technology are vital to safety and security objectives for private and public entities. The most recent sensor/surveillance HEKA has completed was a spectrometer device. This system can detect and identify any contaminants that might be suspended in an ethanol sample by using infrared light to measure wavelength which is then used to identify the type and amount of the contaminant. Another HEKA sensing/surveillance technology is a miniaturized facial recognition software product. This system, known as Alice, was built for the Army to help warfighters actively identify insurgents in the field. This product was designed to reduce unwanted casualties and increase the effectiveness of the well-equipped warfighter.

Antennas and Radios

Antenna and radio system design/development is a core competency at HEKA. The latest is an electrically small antenna that has the ability to amplify and directionally project radio waves. This is a generational improvement on the older patch antenna systems that are larger and offer a less directional projection of radio waves. The HEKA team also built out an ultrawide bandwidth, direct digital synthesis (DDS) radio frequency (RF) waveform and pattern generator. This system can be updated remotely and is yet another generational improvement adopted by HEKA.

Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence

The HEKA team is able to leverage data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to build more intuitive products that better serve the needs of our clients. This expertise is derived from the team’s numerous years of tacit experience that allows them to innovatively apply what they’ve learned. Some examples include statistical analysis, principal component analysis of data sets, prognostics, and neural net linear regressions. These activities allow for the simplification of large data sets with minimal loss of valuable information. This simplification then makes it possible to better visualize and analyze those, now smaller, data sets to find a more impactful solution.

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