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Excellence in Systems Design and Implementation

Our software engineers seamlessly integrate with a project’s mechanical and electrical needs to ensure they all meet the system requirements of your product. Using proven communication and project management, we ensure all engineering is on the same page, minimizing schedule, time and cost.

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Our Top-Tier Engineers Provide Solutions In:

We develop and deploy software tailored for embedded systems, ensuring hardware compliance with time, size, energy, and memory limitations.

Embedded Software

Embedded software engineering requires a clear understanding of hardware components because the software is developed to work closely with the hardware. Programming at the low level includes work with device drivers, hardware interfaces, and operating systems (if one even exists). From Avionics to Software-Defined Radios, to GNC, our engineers write the code that makes these devices operate.

AI and Machine Learning

We incorporate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize solutions and algorithms, anticipate system performance, and uncover potential problems before they arise. Our ML work includes prognostics, data analysis, principal component analysis, and pattern recognition. Trained networks with supervised learning can be compressed and used at the edge to create electronics that respond and act quickly.

Multifarious Systems

Electronics and software often work together in a networked, connected manner. This results in the need for software engineers to design across platforms, from Windows and Mac to Linux and iOS. They might be tasked with creating custom embedded software for airborne applications or designing programs for connected warriors on the battlefield.


How It Works

From discovery to market, watch your idea become a reality with multiple touchpoints. From start to finish, HEKA has a unique, hands-on method that bring your ideas to life, 
while making the entire process seamless and cost-effective.


All projects begin with a discovery phase. What do you want to build? What are your requirements and expectations? Before we even get started, we spend time getting to know you and the scope of your project.

Next, we provide the services needed to get you from prototype to product. HEKA is a cohesive team – all areas of expertise work in tandem to seamlessly move projects along.

Need help to manufacture your product? HEKA is fully equipped for front-end design and development.

HEKA views every customer relationship as a long-term partnership. With this in mind, we offer various payment methods to help you get your product to market. Be sure to ask us about all payment options.

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