We offer groundbreaking mechanical engineering across sectors.


Delivering Resilient Solutions Across Industries

We prioritize your needs by providing comprehensive mechanical engineering services across diverse sectors that include:

  • Design
  • Analysis
  • Manufacturing
  • Optimization
  • Maintenance

By leveraging advanced technologies such as computer-aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA), we ensure the delivery of resilient solutions tailored to machinery, aircraft, robotics, and beyond.

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Our Top-Tier Engineers Provide Solutions In:

CAD Design & Models

Using digital tools to simulate
real-world goods and products in 2D or 3D, this process incorporates scale, precision, and physical properties to refine designs before manufacturing.

Product Lifecycle Management

Our engineers oversee initial ideation, development, service, and disposal. The product lifecycle concept helps inform business decision-making, from pricing and promotion to expansion or cost-cutting.

Finite Elemental Analysis

Using the finite element analysis (FEA) tool helps us determine if a product will break, wear out, or function as intended.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Our engineers use CFD formulas to predict physical fluid flow by solving the governing equations using simulation.


How It Works

Watch your idea come to fruition at multiple touchpoints. HEKA offers a unique, hands-on approach.


All projects begin with a discovery phase. What do you want to build? What are your requirements and expectations? Before we even get started, we spend time getting to know you and the scope of your project.

Next, we provide the services needed to get you from prototype to product. HEKA is a cohesive team – all areas of expertise work in tandem to seamlessly move projects along.

Need help to manufacture your product? HEKA is fully equipped for front-end design and development.

HEKA views every customer relationship as a long-term partnership. With this in mind, we offer various payment methods to help you get your product to market. Be sure to ask us about all payment options.



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