We support our nation’s defense with
new technology, providing our warfighters
with the tools for national security.


Advanced Technology for Maximum Security & Protection

Our mission is to provide the warfighter with the requisite tools to defend our nation’s freedom through various technological solutions. We are a military-friendly company and focus on the success of the warfighter first and foremost while adhering to government procurement standards.

Software Engineering

HEKA’s software engineers at its Engineering Design Center focus not only on software development but also on thinking processes and integration. Our team has subject matter expertise in DO-178 processes, from DAL Levels A through E. Our in-house AS9100-compliant engineering processes align with DO-178C. We can assure you that your project will be completed, certified, and in production within the guaranteed fixed price and budget.

Electronics Engineering

From schematic capture, layout, prototype production, and board bring-up, our team utilizes modern CAD tools, robust team-oriented design practices, and a fully equipped electronics lab to bring electronic hardware to life.  Our engineers incorporate modern System-on-Modules (SOMs) that include high-speed Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs) and Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) with integrated processors. Our strong avionics background and experience with DO-254 let your team rest assured that it will get to certification faster and on budget.

Mechanical Engineering

HEKA’s mechanical engineers utilize CAD programs to transform ideas and concepts into models and on to prototypes swiftly. Our in-house 3-D printing technology can be used to validate models quickly, in an agile fashion, saving time and money on the path to production. This enables you to ensure that the digital design matches the physical product accurately. This process reduces the risk of unexpected issues or costly mistakes

Aerospace Engineering

Our Aerospace Engineers excel at designing and developing Aircraft models and simulations. By building full digital twins of an aircraft and incorporating aircraft parametrics, such as lift and drag coefficients, thrust profiles, and full virtual wind tunnel support, we guarantee the integrity and performance of aerospace systems in challenging environments in a virtual physical world. The data generated during these efforts help refine the work of the systems, software, electrical, and mechanical engineers.

Systems Engineering

HEKA specializes in systems engineering, providing an interdisciplinary approach to designing, integrating, and managing complex systems. Our team of experts cover software, mechanical, electrical, and aerospace, allowing us to create comprehensive solutions tailored to each project’s specific needs.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is central to our operations. Our committed team of QA engineers make sure our products and services consistently meet top-quality standards. Through rigorous testing, analysis, and improvement processes, we guarantee the reliability and performance of our solutions.

Project Management


Defense Product Spotlight

  • Software Defined Multi-Channel Radio
  • MOSDA Compliant with Hosted Applications
  • Advanced Material Antenna Technology
  • Copmmunications, Electronic Warfare
  • Signal Intelligence, Spectral Analysis


HEKA has accumulated antenna and radio technology and IP assets under the project name Lamprey.  Lamprey has been provided as a solution for challenges facing various Department of Defense, including USSOCOM, the NSA, and the US Army.   Lamprey includes HEKA’s software-defined radio technology and metamaterial antenna technology. Antenna and radio system design and development are core competencies at HEKA.

Our Software Defined Radios (SDRs) utilize the latest in RFSoC Direct Digital Synthesis and Sampling coupled with powerful Multi-processor and Multi Core applications. This allows a completely versatile, MOSA compliant architecture approach to provide a robust, smaller, versatile radio solution.

Coupled with our advance custom antenna technology using non-conventional 3-d printed materials, the lamprey solution often find itself in very niche applications or outperforming the competition inn standard applications. Lamprey gives our defense customers have solutions that no-one else has giving our warfighter advantage.


Work with HEKA

We’re with you every step of the way. We gather your requirements, preferences, and expectations for our project plan.

Our approach begins with a collaborative discovery phase to ensure timely delivery that meets or exceeds success criteria. HEKA blends Agile and Waterfall project management, offering a balanced and adaptable strategy.