We provide innovative electronic engineering services with agility, getting your products to market quickly.


Agile Product Development

HEKA’s solutions include circuit design, power supplies, control systems, and instrumentation, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

We work diligently with you to define customers, milestones, and a budget before building a functioning prototype of your idea. With over 300 years of combined industry experience, our proactive approach, and emphasis on Agile product development we will ensure your ideas become a reality.

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Our Top-Tier Engineers Provide Solutions In:

Circuit Design

Our engineers design, develop, and test analog and digital circuits within complex electrical systems dedicated to your custom project.


We analyze and optimize systems for efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Control Systems

We design, develop, and implement solutions to control dynamic systems that stabilize your product.

Signal Processing

Our team analyzes, modifies, and synthesizes signals you need to optimize transmissions.

Power Supplies & Delivery

Our power delivery technology helps you create more efficient, reliable, and
well-protected power designs with higher density.


We measure and control variables within our production and manufacturing area.

Computer Engineering

Moving from concept to product, we will design and build the hardware as part of our turkey promise.


How It Works

Watch your idea become a reality with multiple touchpoints. From start to finish, HEKA has a unique, hands-on method that brings your ideas to life, while making the entire process seamless and cost-effective.


All projects begin with a discovery phase. What do you want to build? What are your requirements and expectations? Before we even get started, we spend time getting to know you and the scope of your project.

Next, we provide the services needed to get you from prototype to product. HEKA is a cohesive team – all areas of expertise work in tandem to seamlessly move projects along.

Need help to manufacture your product? HEKA is fully equipped for front-end design and development.

HEKA views every customer relationship as a long-term partnership. With this in mind, we offer various payment methods to help you get your product to market. Be sure to ask us about all payment options.

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