Accelerate time-to-market with our engineering services, customized to meet your specific requirements.

In-House Engineering
Project Touchpoints

HEKA Aero LLC offers an extensive array of specialized engineering services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients across aerospace, defense, and industrial sectors. With a deep commitment to excellence and innovation, we leverage our expertise and cutting-edge technology to deliver solutions that drive success and propel industries forward.

Systems Engineering

HEKA specializes in systems engineering, offering an interdisciplinary approach to designing, integrating, and managing complex systems. Our expertise spans software, mechanical, electrical, and aerospace domains. This enables us to develop holistic solutions that meet each project’s unique requirements.

Software Engineering

Our software engineers create high-quality, custom software applications. Our team handles everything from embedded software for avionics systems to AI and machine learning algorithms. We tackle complex challenges using statistical analysis, data set analysis, prognostics, and linear regressions. These activities simplify large data sets for easier visualization and analysis to find effective solutions. Learn More

Electrical Engineering

We excel at designing and implementing electricity, electronics, and RF electromagnetic systems. Our solutions encompass a broad spectrum, including circuit design, power supplies, control systems, and instrumentation, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Antenna and radio system design and development are core competencies at HEKA, so our team can assist as required. Learn More

Mechanical Engineering

HEKA’s mechanical engineering expertise extends to the design, analysis, design for manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems across various industries. Utilizing advanced tools like computer-aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA), we deliver robust solutions for machinery, aircraft, robotics, and more. Learn More

Project Management

We understand the importance of effective project management in delivering successful outcomes. Our project managers oversee their work with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring timely execution, budget adherence, and stakeholder satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is paramount in our operations, and our dedicated team of QA engineers ensures that our products and services consistently meet the highest quality standards. Through rigorous testing, analysis, and improvement processes, we guarantee the reliability and performance of our solutions.

Aerospace Engineering

With a focus on aeronautics and astronautics, our aerospace engineering services cover the entire aircraft and spacecraft development lifecycle. From initial design and testing to production and maintenance, we ensure the integrity and performance of aerospace systems in even the most demanding environments.