Innovation is central to our design
process, guaranteeing resilience
in any environment, year after year.


Engineering Complex Systems from Land to Sea

HEKA’s advanced technology and integration support electronic and software systems for logistics, robotics and infrastructure. From automation of advanced manufacturing to logistics and transportation, we apply cutting edge technology to gain efficiency and realiability.

Software Development

HEKA’s unique software set-up involves collaboration between software, mechanical, and electronics engineers, ensuring efficient communication and minimizing wasted time.

Electronics Engineering

Our experts work with cutting-edge System-on-Modules (SOMs) that incorporate high-speed, high-throughput Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs) and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) with embedded processors. HEKA will help with your specialized computing requirements.

Mechanical Engineering

HEKA’s mechanical engineers use CAD (Computer-Aided Design) programs to turn models into prototypes quickly. Our in-house 3D printing technology can provide prototypes or production-level composite parts within days. This allows you to verify that the mental picture, digital design, and physical product align. There will be no surprises or expensive errors.

Systems Engineering

We specialize in systems engineering, offering an interdisciplinary approach to designing, integrating, and managing complex systems. Our expertise spans across software, mechanical, electrical, and aerospace domains, enabling us to develop holistic solutions that meet the unique requirements of each project.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is central to our operations. Our committed team of QA engineers make sure our products and services consistently meet top-quality standards. With rigorous testing, analysis, and improvement processes, we guarantee the reliability and performance of our solutions.

Project Management

We know the importance of effective project management that yields successful outcomes. We consistently ensure timely execution, adherence to budgets, and stakeholder satisfaction throughout the project life cycle.


Industrial Product Spotlight

  • Scable to 1000’s of Volts DC, from Small Robotics to Locomotives, Automobiles and Aircraft
  • Proprietary COTS engine integration
  • Telemetry, Data, and Prognostics integration
  • Multichemistry, a Software Defined Battery

HEKA Battery Management System (BMS)

HEKA’s Battery Management System (BMS) is a durable, waterproof assembly engineered and designed to aviation and defense standards to include DO-178 and DO-254. The advanced technology inside the BMS helps maximize the range of vehicles by optimally using the amount of energy stored. Our fully American-made, ITAR compliant BMS achieves greater than 99% efficiency. BMS units can accommodate battery cell setups ranging from 1-4P and 4S-13S of any chemistry, shape, and size. Each BMS can support up to 60V and 150 Amps, and be connected in series or parallel, supporting thousands of Volts DC. HEKA’s BMS can support various data connections including CANN, LIN, USB, NMEA, Ethernet, Serial, and Wi-Fi. BMS units feature cell balancing, short circuit protection, and overcharge protection. HEKA’s BMS offers customizable levels to suit different battery chemistries and constructions and provides the user with individual cell performance and status in each unit. 


Work with HEKA

We’re with you every step of the way. We gather your requirements, preferences, and expectations for our project plan.

Our approach begins with a collaborative discovery phase to ensure timely delivery that meets or exceeds success criteria. HEKA blends Agile and Waterfall project management, offering a balanced and adaptable strategy.